CMKY Festival 2012 : MicroTopias!

Communikey Festival 2012 theme, MicroTopias, asks artists, festival attendees, and our community to create the worlds that we want to live in. As a catalyst to cultural evolution, we believe in the value of open places where people can express freely. It is in these worlds that the individual can become liberated to be an active architect in fostering a diverse ecosystem of creative spaces. It is here we are empowered to abandon our notion of the impossible and open ourselves to what is wondrous about the world.

MicroTopias can range from an instantaneous magic moment between individuals, to an orchestrated collaboration between hundreds. Whether temporary or long-term, consciously created or spontaneous, these are the spaces that emancipate us from our self-imposed limitations. Not out of the ordinary, but definitely extraordinary, MicroTopias are not one universal utopia, but rather small pockets of possible futures, built from creativity, play and chaos.  They are  about giving ourselves the permission to create a multiplicity of topias that actualize an infinitude of possibility for dreams and dreamers to flourish.

The Communikey Festival 2012 program hosts many projects that invite festival attendees to foster their own MicroTopia and dream into the future. Welcome to the Topian Laboratory!