Saturday April 16th : 11am-2pm @ Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art (1750 13th St.)

KidsPatch is an interactive audio-visual and hand-arts workshop for children aged 5-12. Constructing landscapes for collaboration, spontaneity, and creative expression through delightful and forward thinking education in arts and culture. Started in Belgrade in 2008, KidsPatch has had breakout success at other festivals across Europe and the US, including the Communikey Festival in 2009 and 2010. Each event consists of a series of workshops for kids aged 5-12, related to the fields of music, graphic art, performance, creative processes and new media. It is a 100% participatory program. Closely working with established and experienced artists, children are discovering numerous new skills and are developing sensibilities in regard to the processes of creation and presentation of creative content. Results are immediately visible and are presented at the end of each edition through an event consisting of concerts, exhibitions, activity areas, installations, performances and screenings. The performance is produced by the young participants and their artistic tutors.

KidsPatch is about learning through play, collaboration and exploration. It offers a space for kids to be creative and explore that side of themselves in a structured but holistic environment. By having multiple workshops in one setting, the kids can exercise freewill by choosing whichever workshop they are most interested in, and thereby can discover what might be their creative calling. KidsPatch was designed to appeal to all ages; leadership and community is built through having the older kids work with the younger kids. It is also helping bridge the generations by having such an event at a festival for electronic arts that is mostly geared towards adults. KidsPatch highlights the importance of having children be a part in the creative process that all humans experience.

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This year’s KidsPatch program will include experiments with music composition in LIVEAudioExplorations, performance drawing & animation in TagTools, self-expression within movement, and community building through art/textile projects. A KidsPatch parade with Humble Arts Collective will take place on Sunday at Civic Plaza (Free).

KidsPatch enrollment is $20, and is NOT included in the festival pass.

Please enroll kids ahead of time:

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